Frequently asked questions

Can we have fireworks, fire pits or candles at Chapel Barn?
We cannot allow fireworks, fire pits, sparklers or candles in or around Chapel Barn . The barn is a timber framed building dating back over 600 years old, we would like to keep our barn and we are sure you would too. We also have livestock grazing in the surrounding fields who really do not appreciate fireworks, they can panic, cause injury to themselves and damage to fencing in their attempt to escape. Please resort to LED lighting or fairy lights if you wish.

What about sparklers?
We would rather you didn’t and we must be informed in advance should want them. But under no circumstance can these be in or near the barn and all clean up is down to the couple or family.

What time does the music have to end?
Due to strict licensing laws, all live and recorded music, i.e. bands and DJs, must finish no later than 11pm. We request taxis are booked for 11:30PM.

What time do we need to be off site?
We ask that everyone is off site by midnight latest, unless of course you are camping or staying onsite overnight. The electric gate will close at midnight and reopemed for collection of cars etc.. at 8:30am. The barn itself is to be cleaned and vacated no later than 10am the following morning. Please ensure your suppliers are aware of this. If we have no other event the following day then this does not apply.

Do you charge corkage?

Corkage will be charged at £5 per bottle. We allow you to bring your own or we can arrange a cash bar.

What is the capacity?
The capacity is a strict 120 people this is due to fire regulations.

Can we set up the day before?
As a general rule this is possible. Sometimes, however, the barn may be in use the day before, we will let you know prior to booking if this is the case.

Do you have toilets?  
Yes we have five lovely newly installed toilets.

Do you have catering facilities?
We have a small kitchen with cooker, refrigerator and prep station suitable for smaller weddings. We find most caters will bring in their own equipment anyway. Please check with your cater in advance that they wont need a generator or extra ovens, don’t leave this until the day.

Can we get married outside?
The barn is the only area that is currently licensed to hold ceremonies, but you can of course get a celebrant and do the legal bit in a registry office. We have beautiful lakes and field wehre you could have a blessing. Please contact our celebrant

Can we decorate as we please?
We allow you to do the lower half of the barn with bunting etc. but, please do not add any nails, staples  or hammer anything into the beautiful woodwork. If you want drapes or lanterns etc. we ask that you do not do this yourselves. We only allow our recommended suppliers (who are fully insured and experienced in this doing this) please contact us for the list of ones we work with. If we find any extra nails, hocks or staples we reserve the right o keep your deposit.

Do you provide the furniture?
We have around 55 matching chairs with cream covers and a mixture of tables. We tend to suggest unless it’s for an informal party that you can hire in the size, style and colour you want.

Is there space for marquees?
Yes we have two sites for large marquees. We can give you details of our suppliers to book this.

Do you allow camping?
Only if arranged in advance. £600 extra.

Do you allow outside catering?
Yes we do but we ask that you make sure that they are fully insured and that you give us their details before your event. We work with several lovely caterers they can all cater for different events and budgets so ideally if you can use them it makes everyone’s lives easier.

Do you allow smoke machines?
We have smoke detectors in place and whilst smoke machines may not set off the alarm we don’t want to take that risk.